Janathon 2013: Day 21 – 100 Miles

Well, there it is… 100 miles in the bank with ten days of Janathon left to go. Pythagoras considered the number 100 to be divinely divine, because it is the square of the divine decad (ten times ten). I wouldn’t go that far, but I am rightly pleased to have reached this point of January relatively unscathed.

The State of Play

The State of Play

Following yesterdays hap-hazard effort, I needed just 2.2 miles to pass the magical Centum, but knew that I would be disappointed with that kind of distance. I therefore resolved to do a little more. The footpaths in my neck of the woods are still completely coated with ice/compacted snow, and it was treacherous going, but once again I stayed upright for the duration and clocked five and a quarter miles (Runkeeper) at a fairly leisurely pace.

I have definitely slowed down, and will have to push hard to keep up with Crazy Walt’s group at club tomorrow night. But hey, I’m not doing Janathon because it’s easy… as I told myself as I started this thing, if you’re not going to go all the way, why bother going at all?

***UPDATE*** Just discovered that my Runkeeper World Ranking is 100th out of 13,986 runners… How’s that for a coincidence!

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 103.02
Total KM = 165.79
Total Calories = 13,234

Big Macs = 27.0
Pints of Strongbow = 55.1
Days Worth Calories = 6.6
Journeys to Work = 7.41


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One Response to Janathon 2013: Day 21 – 100 Miles

  1. Good job fella – I’m closing in on 100 myself! Getting through it will feel good!

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