Jananthon 2013: Day 17 – Dining With Vining

Today I have been out for dinner with a bunch of friends from work. When dining together, this rag-tag bunch go by the collective name ‘Dining with Vining’ or DwV. These outings occur every few weeks or so, are organised by the terrifyingly efficient Trina, Heather & Sonja. Everyone is welcome, just a love of fine food and drink is required. A sense of humour is desirable.

Jon, our DwV spiritual leader...

Jon, our DwV spiritual leader…

There are also rules: Venue’s must be independent (no national chains allowed), they must be inside the boundaries of Staffordshire, no eatery can be visited twice, and following the visit, all attendees are required to score their meal on the quality of food & drink, quality of service, value for money, and overall experience. It all sounds very formal, but it’s great fun, and a thoroughly relaxed way to spend an evening with great people.

As a consequence, Janathon day 17 was carried out at lunchtime with ‘Happy Feet’ herself, drumle24. The outlook on the weather front was grim, so we were determined to enjoy the last of the dry weather.

We belted about a nice four mile route in 37 minutes or so (Runkeeper), and I was soon back at my desk and looking forward to some delicious food and more fine company.

Today we visited The Wayfarer in Stone. Having been ‘good’ over the Christmas period and driven too and from the various parties I attended, I had been offered a lift and was looking forward to letting my hair down. The evening kicked off with drinks in Stafford town before we headed up to Stone through the blizzard. The Wayfarer hasn’t been open long, but has already garnered a reputation for being ‘a bit posh’, but was essentially a Gastro-Pub with high standards.

The food was astounding. Slow cooked lamb shank on mashed potato, with luscious gravy and vegetable things that went well with the overall dish. Whilst the others had a desert, I indulged in a glass of red and the cheese board for one… matured Red Leicester, Blue Brie… and some other garlicy thing that was jolly tasty. With crackers, of course. I have a feeing that the scores on the doors will be in the nines. The Wayfarer comes highly recommended, as does a lunch-time run…

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 86.47
Total KM = 139.16
Total Calories = 11089

Big Macs = 22.6
Pints of Strongbow = 46.2
Days Worth Calories = 5.5
Journeys to Work = 6.22


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2 Responses to Jananthon 2013: Day 17 – Dining With Vining

  1. Well done you! Great mileage!

  2. Trenthamfolk says:

    Thanks Phil… really enjoying Janathon this year 🙂

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