Janathon 2013: Day 8 – Crazy Club Runners

It was all hustle and bustle up at the club tonight… There were new faces (always a good sign), the welcome return of some familiar faces (Good to see you back Hazey & Sam), and the usual hard core of dedicated runner types… it was a good gathering. As the ‘committee members’ started to arrive, they were unceremoniously mobbed by members trying to get a ticket for the awards evening in a couple of weeks – I won’t be winning anything, but it’s great to go along and have a drink and cheer the team on… It seems the club is in full swing.

Tonight, Crazy Walt took us to Blurton, which is essentially a suburb of the city, but the name means ‘village on a hill’. You can guess what the main feature is! The first three miles of our run were essentially downhill and flat… but at mile four, there is a lovely downhill followed by an almighty up. I recall the first time I attempted this hill with the middle group, I thought I was going to chuck, but today I motored up… not with ease, but with confidence.

I expected to feel worse following the weekends Janathon efforts, but it would appear that I am recovered, as my pace was spot on target (Runkeeper). Following ‘the hill’ we cruised down, past the Stoke City Ground and back towards the relative safety of the flatlands by the river – job done. I’m a little miffed, as my total weekly total to today is 39.93 miles! Sooo close to 40 miles! Hey ho.

If you wonder why I call our illustrious leader Walter ‘Crazy Walt’, it’s because he often tries to kill me, pushing me too hard, although tonight he appeared to do a good job of killing himself. I hope his leg is OK.

Crazy Walt

Here’s a picture of the great man looking entirely normal.

Night x

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 46.25
Total KM = 74.43
Total Calories = 5938

Big Macs = 12.1
Pints of Strongbow = 24.7
Days Worth Calories = 3.0
Journeys to Work = 3.33


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