Janathon 2013: Day 7 – Recovery Run & Week 1

Well, there we have it… week one of Janathon is complete! I have covered over 38 miles which is further than I have ever run in a week (ever) and burnt almost 5,000 calories (according to Runkeeper). Safe to say I am very pleased so far!

Today I went out for a recovery run after my adventures up hill and down dale yesterday. I was going to wait till Trenthamfolk Junior was in bed before I hit the road, but got back to the shire earlier than anticipated, so headed out for a quick 3.4 miles.


Me, Pooped!

I also intended to take it easy, but I dropped into my usual 9 minute mile pace (Runkeeper) without much thought, and zoomed round my familiar circuit. Other runners were out in force and we said ‘hi’ as we passed each other.

I would be lying is I said my calves weren’t a bit sore and my hamstrings a little tight when I got in, but it comes with the territory. I was also able to see the little tyke before he moped off to bed. Great.

So as I sat next to Mrs Trenthamfolk a few moments ago, munching on my Spaghetti Bolognese, I was reminded of a saying I heard somewhere that sums up today’s sense of well-being, in the context of Janathon aches and pains:

“Do not be afraid of death. Be afraid of the half-lived life!” – Laird Hamilton

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 38.45
Total Calories = 4,923

Big Macs = 10.0
Pints of Strongbow = 20.5
Days Worth Calories = 2.5
Journeys to Work = 2.77


About Trenthamfolk

Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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