Janathon 2013: Day 5 – Morning Runners

Today I was up early – 6:30 to be exact – I was Janathon running at 8, and I don’t like running on an empty tummy. Poached eggs on toast were the order of the day, Yum. I met my friend, Ems, by the opening to the canal, and off we went for an enjoyable four miles along the canal, through the back end of town, and back up and over past the club and home (Runkeeper). Today, there weather was definitely part of the journey.

January 5th, 8am

January 5th, 8am

This January, the weather is freakishly warm. After a half a mile, I was hot… Hot! January the 5th! I swear it was cooler than this in July… but hey, I’m not complaining… the petal sky looked glorious over the old colliery, and we dropped into a 9:20 min/mile pace and had a good natter. I arrived home feeling very happy and relaxed (despite a grumbling left leg) and set the mood for the day.

Later that morning I caught up with some friends in Stafford (more about this bunch in a future post), then ventured down the motorway with the rest of the Trenthamfolk to IKEA. We needed ‘some bits’ (as you do) and Mrs Trenthamfolk was on fine form… a couple of candles here (they’re such good value!) and the odd food dispenser there: I left with my wallet a hundred and twenty quid lighter, but the proud owner of various trinkets including a kitchen foot-stool… how the hell did that happen?

Anyway, I ran four miles this morning, and I have calculated that that entitles me to drink four pints of Marstons Pedigree tonight… It’s Saturday and I’m in a good mood. Bottoms up!

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 22.65
Total Calories = 2926

Big Macs = 6.0
Pints Strongbow = 12.2
Days Worth = 1.5
Journeys to Work = 1.63

UPDATE!! Just heard that the Trentham RC Ladies have won the ladies Staffordshire Champs Senior gold medal and were bronze medal winners today! Go Girls, proud to be green 🙂


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