Janathon 2013: Day 2 – A Series of Small Changes

An old friend came over from Nottinghamshire to see us other day. It was great to catch up, and have a long overdue get-together. It seems that as we get older, our lives become every more hectic (especially when there are children involved), the months slip by unnoticed, and we suddenly realise we haven’t seen our friends for years.

My Friend

My Friend

To my mind, a key contributor to this phenomenon is social media. You’ve seen the photo’s, you’ve read the status updates, but you haven’t actually seen anyone. In essence, you only know what they are prepared to commit to the internet. You think you’ve kept in touch, but in actuality, you don’t know anything.

However, as is the way with good friends, we picked up proceedings as if we had seen each other the day before, and headed out for lunch. As we drove, he commented on how different the area looked. Funny, we thought it hadn’t really changed! Then he started to point out all the subtle changes that have altered the area over time. I wondered if it was the same for lifestyles?

In order to implement lifestyle changes we need willpower. Lots of it. A recent study identified the part of the brain that handles willpower, and determined that it can only handle so much. If you decide at the start of the new year that your resolution is to stop drinking, start going to the gym, and lose lots of weight, chances are you’re going to fail. Your brain won’t be able to take the strain, and will have a major wobbler.

Therefore the key to meaningful behavioral change is a series of small changes, over a longer period of time. As these changes become habitual, they will result in a significant change, greater than the sum of it’s parts. A new you. At least, that what I’m hoping for!

My New Year’s resolution was simply to run more. Janathon is taking care of that, and I shall leave the other stuff until this has become habit. I don’t intend on running every day beyond January, and Janathon will require lots of willpower, but I think I can do it. Short run today (Runkeeper) don’t want to overdo it. 1st mile uphill, sub 8 minutes. Didn’t know I could do that!

Janathon 2013 Stats
Total Miles = 9.79
Total Calories = 1296

Big Macs = 2.6
Pints Strongbow = 5.4
Days Worth = 0.6
Journeys to Work = 0.70


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