Janathon: Day 23-24 SKY Sellout

So, there I was, sat at my desk at work. It was Monday morning, 10am. I was feeling fatigued, and was sipping a coffee. My legs were aching and I was reaching for the Paracetamol and Codeine tabs that I keep in my desk for spacial occasions. Groan, I thought, I have a deadline on Friday, and I have to go for a run this evening….

Wait a moment, have to go for a run? Of course I bloody don’t! What I needed was a couple of days rest, to sort out the tiredness, the shin splints, and the apathy. So, here I’ve been, sat at home, doing nowt… well that’s not entirely true. What I have done is sold my soul to Rupert Murdoch. Yes, after a year without the shackles, I have returned to SKY.

I love my running, but the only other sport I really follow on TV is Formula One. I absolutely love it. I have been been a fan since the Mansel/Senna/Prost days. I have only been a driver myself for 18 months or so, but I know that Michael Schumacher drives the same model car as me so I’m practically up there with the Germanic elite. My heart sank the day I heard that Bernie Ecclestone had sold half the TV rights to SKY. But, then I head that they were launching a new dedicated F1 HD channel… Practice sessions, qualifying and all the races in glorious HD, I had to do it.

I was ashamed, but also delighted. It’s felt like one of those terrible burgers you buy for a fiver, drunk at 4am, from a van in the square. So wrong, but oh so right at the same time…

Neither can I wait for this. Thursday sees the return on the ‘Fabulously Sexy Lee Jones Night Time Off Road Head Torch Run’ (Will that do Lee?) from the club, and I absolutely HAVE to be there. I bought a cracking head torch last time, but didn’t get an opportunity to use it, so I’m up for it this time big-style. I’m determined to make sure my limbs are ready. I love TrenthamRC, but I love me more, and a broken me is no good to anyone. So rest is the order of the day, as is feeling mildly guilty, and doing the washing up. Mrs Trenthamfolk is making use of me, and not in the manner I’d hoped!


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