Janathon: Day 22 – R.I.Piano

It’s been a bit blowy out today… I started the day in Lichfield having stayed over at my Mum & Dad’s house overnight. Jnr had been up since 7, but had instinctively gone to his Nana and (mercifully) left me and Mrs T to sleep. I woke at 8:15 (great!) and shuffled downstairs. I was then treated to a full English, Mum style, and we all know there’s nothing else quite like Mum’s style of cooking. Mind you, I was to need the energy. The morning was tinged with a sense of loss, as today saw the sad and rather brutal end to an old Piano.

Dad & I have both invested in Yamaha digital piano’s, hence rendering the traditional, strung instruments, obsolete. This instrument had been in a damp garage for the past three years, blocking the doorway, and it was time for it t go. I treated the old fella to a few bars of ‘Let it Be’ as a last song, but it was so hopelessly out of tune, it sounded more like a cat wandering down the keyboard. Or was that my playing? Bring on the sledge hammers, chisels, screwdrivers and claw hammers. It took about an hour, and a hell of a lot of noise, but in the end, it was reduced to metal frame and a pile of wood. Off to the tip it went.

The effort required to dismantle a piano is surprisingly great. It was an hour of walloping, cursing and generally stamping on stuff. It’s clearly taken it’s toll on my limbs. My Janathon run today consisted of three miles of pathetic staggering about like a lost lamb with a limp (Runkeeper). It’s time to admit that Janathon is bleedin’ tough. My exuberance has worn off, and I realise that if I’m to avoid burn-out, I need to eat well (not just lots), avoid the booze (weep weep) and try to avoid doing other things that may sap my energy. Like killing piano’s for instance. Piano’s are beautiful things but they need care and attention. Just like our bodies. This is why we run.

Check out the video of the latest tune I’ve learnt – this isn’t me playing, I’m a bit crap!

Total miles to date: 94.11    Total calories burnt: 13,708 (28 Big Macs, or a weeks worth of food!)


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