Janathon: Day 21 – A family affair…

OK, I’m not going to say much today, as I’m at Mum & Dad’s, drinking them out of house and home. The curry is on the way, and I’m ready for a proper pork out. Great! Today was Parkrun, and I managed to persuade Mrs Trenthamfok and Jnr to have a go also. There was a touchy moment before the start when  I reversed wifey’s car into a bollard near to the start (oops), but the race go off to a good start despite this ‘nagging induced incident’.

I teamed up with my mate Moo once again, and we set about showing the newbies how it is done. Up, up, up we went, then down, down, down… Jnr kept on being distracted by geese, grass, puddles, the sky, plants… I caught him a number of times wandering off to admire the scenery and have a sneaky breather. Clearly he needs to work on his race strategy before his seventh birthday! Mrs T coped admirably well. The last time she ran anywhere was when someone dropped a bag of chocolate pennies down the precinct, so well done to her for keeping focussed and not being beaten by her six year old son… Oh, wait a moment…

Once again, Moo pipped me at the post (Runkeeper), She really is a fab athlete and I feel a PB is in there just waiting to be realised. Go for it Moo, you can do it!

I’m currently on glass of wine/beer/cider number (select a number between six and 12) and Red Dwarf is on the TV. I feel like I’m 15 again, except I’ve paid for the wine and curry. Oh, by the way, Did anyone see Paul Simon live at Webster Hall last night? It was effin’ awesome. Here’s a link to download it (LINK) if you’re interested. I love Paul Simon, he’s my hero. Anyway, hope you all enjoy your Saturday night. Hazel, if you read this, I expect to see you at next Saturday’s Parkrun without fail!

Janathon Miles to Date: Circa 92               Calories Circa 13,300 odd!


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