Janathon: Day 20 – Shut Up Elton

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or is there? Today I came pretty close to a free dinner. Some time ago (before Xmas) Mrs Trenthamfolk had gone out shopping, so me and Jnr went to the pub for lunch. We were looking forward to some man-to-man time, and some good old proper pub grub. Unfortunately, what we got was awful. We left, still hungry and feeling properly miffed. We complained.

Now, I intended to email the establishment directly. However, having found the chain website, all I discovered was page upon page of lavish prose about how great they were. No a hint of how you can contact them. Not to be outdone, I tracked down the private equity fund, the umbrella firm, that holds the majority stake in the chain and email them instead. I was polite, but made it perfectly clear they were a bag of crap, and that I wouldn’t be going back until I could be assured that standards had improved.

On Tuesday I received the phone call. The email had filtered it’s way down, through the chain of command, and landed on the land lady. She duly invited me back for a complimentary meal with drinks, on the house. Don’t mind if I do! It was insanely busy, but there was a table reserved for us in the middle of the place (much to the consternation of the waiting hoard’s) and we didn’t have to pay. Whilst not exactly The Savoy, I was grateful, and the chicken on my plate looked and tasted like chicken. Bonus.

Anyway, about my Janathon run. I had pegged it home form work, knowing that I needed to get my run in before my date with free food, so off I went. Was it was Elton John that sang “Can you feel the love tonight”? To be honest Reg, the answer is a straight forward, direct and unapologetic NO. Not a bit of it. It was horrible. My shins were sore, I was tired, and I wanted to be drinking lots of wine instead. We all have these days, when for whatever reason, it’s just not happening. No love, no verve, no gusto, no get-up-and-go. Mind you, it’s done now. I’ve burnt off the sandwich I had for lunch, and it’s Parkrun tomorrow. Bring on the weekend.

Total miles to date: 87.96    Total calories burnt: 12,810 (26 Big-Macs, or 6.5 days)


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