Janathon: Day 19 – Penkhull & Pizza

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just soft people…” or so said William Jay “Bill” Bowerman.

He has a point. I arrived home in plenty of time to make sure the washing up was done and the washing machine was on before club. Whilst I stood there, suds up to my elbows, the rain was lobbing it down like there was no tomorrow. We have a conservatory, and the racket the rain makes on the plastic roof is phenomenal. I read today that scientists have invented transparent aluminium. whilst this is great, it does mean that Star Trek has become real… which is simply terrible. However, had my conservatory roof been made of this stuff, I may arrived at an accurate assessment of today’s weather situation. It wasn’t half bad.

I hit the club and committed to the medium slow group (or is it ‘fast-slow’ – I’m not sure) but in any case, today’s run was not about speed or distance. It was about hills. I had previously dubbed this route ‘Penkhull Pain’. It involves dropping down to river level, and then climbing 200 odd feet, up Trent Valley Road, in a mile and a half (Runkeeper). It doesn’t read like much, but believe me, the first time I tried this I almost barfed in the churchyard at the top. No such problems today. I arrived with time to spare, and mustered back for the others (once I’d caught my breath).

Mrs Trenthamfolk often states “I used to run up Trent valley road every morning”. Yes, because she was late for school. And she was 15 years old. Today I motored up, at the age of 34, and am thoroughly pleased with myself. I arrived home to a delicious Co-op Pizza and glass of wine (what a girl) which I have scoffed, and am now slowly digesting. Sometimes you just have to enjoy yourself. I’m off to bed in a min, as there’s nowt on the telly. Mrs Trenthamfolk is watching ‘Sex In The City’. I hereon dub tonight ‘TV pain’…

Total miles to date: 84.52    Total calories burnt: 12,312


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