Janathon: Day 18 – Positive Thoughts

OK, I’m back. “What a difference a day makes, 24 little hours…” Yesterday I was having difficulty walking. The pain in my foot was making me sick, and I had turned to ‘Mother’s Ruin’ for medicinal purposes. Spool on a day, and another 3.4 Janathon miles has been dispatched without incident (Runkeeper). I experienced none of the discomfort that was destroying me yesterday, and can only complain of a little pain in my right shin, a likely consequence of a stilted running action. Phew.

Whilst I have missed a day of Janathon, and therefore disqualified myself from the competition, I’m not disappointed… I’m concentrating on the positives. I took the opportunity to weigh myself on my night off (something I almost never do). To my delight, I found that I have lost 8lbs in 2 weeks. Only 14 more to go! I have also lost between one and two inches around my belly. Trousers that would not fasten a month ago, now do just that (with the emphasis on ‘just’). I can feel my fitness returning.

It’s very difficult to loose weight using exercise alone, but Janathon has focused my resolve. I have been thinking about what I have been putting into my mouth. I have been drinking a lot more fluid, but less caffeine, and a lot less alcohol (Apart from last night, obviously). It is relaxing, as well as an effort. It is something to look forward to, as well as a challenge. The benefits are obvious. I am thinner, healthier and happier. Can I tempt anyone to join me on Juneathon in the summer?

Total miles to date: 79.13    Total calories burnt: 11,502


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