Janathon: Day 16 – Mini Monday Run

Monday again. When I arrived at work and somehow managed to get my addled head into gear, which was a relief, considering I was up half the night trying to stop the bog from leaking.

I had gone to bed early and slept soundly until 3am. I awoke with a bladder the size of a water melon, a consequence of my post Sunday run re-hydration efforts. I shuffled into the bathroom, to be met by half the pacific ocean! The house was freezing, my feet were wet, and the tools were in the garage. Noooo! I managed to turn the water off using Mrs Trenthamfolk’s screwdriver (a dinner knife) and set about a repair. Now, I’m not entirely sure what I did, but it worked. I managed to stop stem the flow, and the lavatory floor is now dry. Phew!

Considering the early start, the hangover in my legs, and the fact that Mrs Trenthamfolk was waiting for her supper, I committed to a very short Janathon outing. In the event it was just half a mile shorter than my regular route (Runkeeper), but at least it was a change… Considering the wreck presented itself at the front door yesterday lunch time, I was surprised by my pace of 9.5 min miles. Running every day, whilst having it’s downsides, is also starting to pay off! Hooray… bring on the rest of the week.

Total miles to date: 75.73    Total calories burnt: 11,012


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Marathon Runner, Optimist, Joie de vivre…
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