Janathon: Day 14 – Herding Pensioners

We got up before dawn. The car was frozen and the sky was dark. We shivered in the cold, scoffed some home made bread, and made our way to Hanley Parkrun. So far this season we have been spoiled with the clement weather, but this morning the VW claimed it to be a chilly -4. The petal sky and rosy dawn were welcoming, despite the cold, as was the site of the usual throng of volunteers. Mrs Trenthafolk and Jnr had accompanied me to see what all the fuss was about, and we made our way to the start line. Time to get running.

I again teamed up with my mate Moo, and set off for the weekly dash around the park. For the first half of the course we were accompanied by fellow Trenthamer’s, Dan and Issy. That was until Issy found her Paula Radcliffe legs, and left us for dust… Big Dan duly followed suit, leaving us to our own devices. By this point, Mrs Trenthamfolk had been recruited as a marshal, and had set about herding people who were simply out for a morning stroll in the park. Grannies with zimmer frames and retirees on mobility scooters with dogs were appropriately funneled towards the finish line with baffled looks on their faces. Jnr was also causing havoc, running about with the rugrats (Moo’s siblings). Fun was being had by all. 35 mins later, we crossed the finish line, and I was once again pipped at the post by the mighty Moo (Runkeeper). Nicely done partner.

Whilst there were no PB’s toady, Parkrun once again came up trumps. Moo added another victory to her bow. I have convinced the wife and child to join in the course next week. I have also recruited some more members of TrenthamRC for next Saturday, via Facebook. We have also cleaned our house, and mended the Dyson! All in, Day 14 of Janathon has been a success. Now, to get some rest before tomorrow’s 10+ mile jaunt across the downs with Crazy Walt (as he’s now known).  Night all.

Total miles to date: 61.71    Total calories burnt: 8,933 (18 Big-Mac’s)


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One Response to Janathon: Day 14 – Herding Pensioners

  1. bearrunner says:

    Sounds like a great run!


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