Janathon: Day 11 – Crisps & Pork Scratching’s

Janathon is great. That’s already been established. So is running. Nuff said? We love it, and if you’re anything like me, you’re keen to point out that the roads are free! For example, membership of ‘Greens Health & Fitness’ is about a thousand pounds a day. The roads aren’t going anywhere, and are always open (unless you live in Saddleworth that is), however, we do pay a price for our devotion to legging it about.

Today I made a decision. I would run on my lunch break at work. I would sacrifice the time I usually spend idly surfing the net or looking out of the window, and spend it getting my Janathon run in (Runkeeper). The reason? Simply put, I was missing my wife and child. A half hour run doesn’t take half an hour. You have to get changed and warm up, do the run, cool down, stretch and change. It takes me about an hour, all in. When I get in from work at half five, and Trenthamfolk Jnr hits the hay at 7, I barely see the little chap. Not good.

Having done my run at lunch time (I say run, shuffle really, see yesterdays post) I arrived back in Trenthamland with a spring in my step. A whole evening with the family with nowhere to go. I couldn’t wait! Whilst embracing my wife, she declared that as I was in all night, she had decided to bugger off to Zumba! A once in a month occurrence! There was only one thing for it. Once the house was vacated, we hit the local shop. Crisps, pork scratching’s, beer and chocolate were the order of the day, and we settled down to watch a  DVD. I’m not entirely sure why I was so disappointed by Mrs Trenthamfolk’s absence, but it highlighted the price we pay for exercise. Running is great, but don’t let it get in the way of the really important stuff.

Total miles to date: 50.34    Total calories burnt: 7,255


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