Janathon: Day 10 – Does sleep constitute ‘Not Drinking’?

You may have picked up from the news that MP’s have decided that our drinking habits are now their business. Two days a week off the ale is essential, we are now told. I suppose they have to do something whilst they quaff Chateau Lafite, and eat filets mignons, but I can’t help but feel that they’re confusing the issue on purpose. I mean, booze is taxed. Heavily. If we were all to abstain for two days a week, there’s be a crisis in terms of lost tax revenue. Breweries would start shedding staff like they have rabies, Bargain Booze would go bust, and Alcoholics Anonymous wouldn’t have any more meetings. Student unions would go on strike.

So here’s the question: does being fast asleep counts as time off the drink? The government, bless em’, also recommend at least 8 hours a night, so six nights sleep equals 48 hours! If I sleep on Saturday night also, I’m in credit. Bonus. Now, do I do at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week? Well Janathon is taking care of that. Brilliant! I’m government approved, rubber stamped and a ‘Change for Life’ campaigners wet dream. I’m free to drink. The trouble with running is that the ice falls out of your glass… Anyway, tonight’s run.

What was I thinking: Over confidence perhaps? Mindless optimism? Probably. I went out with the mid-paced group at TrenthamRC. Walt, the leader, had be hinting at me to rejoin, and assured me I would be OK. OK actually meant (I know now) that I wouldn’t die. But it was seven or so miles of torture. We set off, hell for leather, at sub nine minute mile pace. Far too fast for me (Runkeeper). I was immediately at the back of the group, and no sooner had I caught up, off they went again… up hills and through parks, exhausted, I clung to the back of the people train, and every step reminded me that I should have listened to my body. Why is it we find ways to circumnavigate advice that is actually good for us? Answers on a post card please.

I need a top up. A lovely glass of Zinfandel will see me good.

Total miles to date: 45.98    Total calories burnt: 6,655


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