Janathon: Day 7 – Beaten by Moo…

Today was the end of the first week of #Janathon… and I have realised, without really noticing, that running has become my hobby. My hobby used to be sailing: the great art of getting wet and becoming ill, whilst slowly going nowhere at great expense. I still get wet these days, but without the very real risk of hypothermia and/or drowning. Thankfully, there was no rain today at Hanley Parkrun.

Parkrun is a wonderful thing. They organise weekly, 5km timed runs, in parks around the country. They are open to everyone, are completely free (run entirely by volunteers), safe and easy to take part in. Today’s event was won by the remarkable Ben Gamble of Tipton Harriers. The benchmark upon which all male runners in this neck of the woods measure their relative performances, he set a new course record (16 min 06 sec!) which will no doubt be in place for some time to come.

Today I had the pleasure of running with my mate, Moo. She was a little nervous before the off, having been unceremoniously abandoned by her regular running partner, but there was a nip in the air and something told us there was personal best on the cards. The Hanley course represents a 1km climb to the top of the park, back down and round again, followed by the final climb to the finish (Profile on Runkeeper).  Moo did not disappoint, blasting me out of my pumps and over the line for a superb personal best time of 33:36! I knew she could do it. Not bad for a seven-year-old.

This is the joy of events like Parkrun. Running is a competitive sport, but it also brings people of all abilities, of all ages and all walks of life together. Even my old boss was there. I used to love sailing, but it was expensive and lonely. In fact, I still have a boat, upside down in my garage. So if anyone is after a cracking Stone built 1984 Solo class single hander, give me a shout…

Total miles to date: 31.74    Total calories burnt: 4,598


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