Janathon: Day 6 – FRIDAY!!!


In other words, it’s party time. Or if you have kids (as do I) it’s an opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, and hit the hay. It’s been a fairly random day. I got an early start at work, had a couple of productive meetings, picked up my script from the Doctors, fuelled the car, waited half an hour in the queue at the Post office for ‘The Children of Fire Mountain‘ on DVD (all the way from upside-down land), went to TESCO, got road raged at twice, arrived home, and went for a run… Phew! It’s 20:51 and I’m ready for bed. I think it’s all this #Janathon stuff.

Today I ran really well. Running on my own, which I used to find really difficult, is becoming easier. I’m not distracted and can focus. Since I only returned from injury a week ago, I’m very please with my mileage, lack of pain, and relative speed. Today was 9:13 min a mile (Runkeeper), despite being tired and really not feeling like it at all. It just goes to show: Whilst it’s easier to sit on your arse and snap open a can, stepping up and getting half an hour of proper work-out in is definitely worth the effort.

However your Friday evening turns out, I’m pretty sure you don’t want to be sitting about reading my ramblings on the interweb. Especially when Top Gear is on Dave. Does anyone else remember this jaunty theme tune, or is it just me? Happy Friday… :-p

Total miles to date: 28.64    Total calories burnt: 4,146


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2 Responses to Janathon: Day 6 – FRIDAY!!!

  1. lengthorn says:

    I recognise the tune….but as for ‘The Children of Fire Mountain’…..no idea! Good job with janathon!

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