Janathon: Day 5 – Fowler Returns

Thursday. I managed to get Trenthamfolk Jnr to school on time, despite some last minute hunting for (cunningly hidden) shoes. My little Fiat almost got blown off the M6. The rain and hail was coming down hard. I grabbed a Starbucks  in town (sweet, sweet caffeine) and landed at my desk to a welcome of 12 emails and three phone calls… it was only half past nine. I love my job, but I also enjoy leaving it behind, and hitting the road.

I typically spend Tuesday’s and Thursday’s looking forward to my club runs. As soon as we we set out, the working day seems to wash away in a flash. This week has seen the return of my running bud ‘Fowler’ (See Picture – guess which one). You’d have thought he’d never been away… zooming about like a psycho… he belongs in the mid-pace group but won’t here anything of it. Tonight he put my feeble efforts to shame. Mind you, He’s convinced me that we can do the half Marathon in March in under two hours…


Do I believe we can do it? Yes I do. With a positive mental attitude and the support of a club like TrenthamRC, all your running goals are achievable. Tonight was a windy and hilly run (Runkeeper) and our newbies (who actually came back for more!) did brilliantly well once again. 5.5 miles at 9:43 pace suits me fine. I can feel my legs coming back to me. It’s good to run, and everyone should do it!

Photo’s courtesy of @6townsrunner and @Danthrax21. Two amazing Trentham runners who deserve a nod and a follow…

Total miles to date: 25.23    Total calories burnt: 3,656 – getting there…


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One Response to Janathon: Day 5 – Fowler Returns

  1. MedalSlut says:

    Nice pace! I’m aiming for a sub 2 hour half in March as well. It’ll be my first though, so I might severely blow at it.

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