Janathon: Day 4 – Faster than a speeding thing…

Some say, that they are they are simply a revenue generation scheme, and this revenue pays for an important person’s First Class rail fares. All we know, is they’re called Gatso’s… Bloody things. Robots painted yellow. Hidden in bushes. Primed to go off for no reason. Jeremy Clarkson was right, I should have used the Eccleshall road!

Today I got flashed on the most heavily camera’d stretch of A-road in the UK. The A34 between Tittensor and Stone. This is a 60mph stretch of road, and I was doing 60mph,  behind a Land Rover doing 60 mph. So what figures? Apparently they can go off in error, and I shouldn’t worry, as I wasn’t speeding. But in these situations, you can’t help but second guess yourself. “What if” you think, endlessly…


I saw four of the ‘Daleks‘ on my run this evening… Runkeeper was talking to me (in its’ annoying electronic voice: Runkeeper take note), keeping me abreast of my progress, and I passed no less than four of ‘the evil ones’ within the space of one solitary mile, as well as a mobile camera location. I was so incensed, I didn’t realise how fast (relatively) I was running. I’m supposed to be taking it easy, but managed 3.41 miles at 9:23 min/mile pace. In the pouring rain. It was so wet, water squirted out of my trainers every time I put my foot down. It was hard work, but great fun at the same time. The drivers tip-toeing through the ‘Gatso Jungle’ must have thought I was mad… Come to think of it, I probably am.

Total miles to date: 19.97 (20, dammit)    Total calories burnt: 2,880 (a day and a half!)

P.S. Just watching Rip-off Britain about knock off booze – if you’re shopping for Vodka in corner shops, PLEASE be careful!


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