Janathon: Day 3 – Bad Parenting

Today was my last day of the winter break, and it was just Trenthamfolk Jnr and myself. What to make of this final day of freedom (without females interfering that is). We opted to pop into town for a bit of sale shopping for guns and stuff, a trip to the barbers, and some serious, hard-nosed man time. Things were going swimmingly (quite literally at times, damn you weather), until Trenthamfolk Jnr turned to me, fixed me with those big loving eyes, and said:

“You know Daddy, what I’d really like for lunch is a McDonald’s.”

My heart sank. There are 490 Kcal’s in a Big Mac, a quarter of my regular daily allowance. That’s before fries (330 Kcal’s for a medium, 490 Kcal’s if you go large) and the cheeseburger (295 Kcal’s) that I need to ensure I’m not ravenous within half an hour… 1,115 Kcal’s in total. I couldn’t do it. I’d wipe out yesterdays run in 3 minutes. “No son” I said, “McDonald’s is bad for you”. His hopeful little face dropped.

After no more than seven seconds, I had convinced myself I was a bad parent. I also concluded that the only feasible alternative was Greggs (Steak-Bake, a mere 430 kcal), and therefore we’d have to eat outside if I were to avoid a car full of pastry bits. So off to the golden arches we skipped, hand in hand. Before I knew it, Jnr was munching his way through a nuggets happy meal and playing with a toy he already has three of. I on the other hand, was sipping on a black coffee… I had done it! Treated the child without giving in to temptation myself. Tonight I set off for Running Club feeling smug.

I got out of the car, into the windswept night, and within six seconds I was wishing I was back home, in front of the fire. I latched on to the slow group due to my injury woes, where 4 newbies waited to be broken in. Perfect – If ever I had an excuse to run slow and steady. 5.4 miles took us up the main road out of the village with a small loop round at the end, and back again (Runkeeper). It was slightly up-hill all the way there with the wind behind us, and slightly down on the return, head to wind. Our new club members (who had never run far before) coped admirably, and we were impressed by their effort. I maintain that anyone can run, and if they say they can’t they’re simply not trying! I do hope they return on Thursday…

I’m off to stretch. Should have done that already really. Bugger…

Total miles to date: 16.5    Total calories burnt: 2,396


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