Janathon: Day 1 – The story of two Mel’s

A few weeks ago, I started following Mel (mel_bucks) on Twitter, the result of a #ff recommendation from my friend, Mel (melhayes1). I recall, back in the day, that Mel had a friend called Mel. Mrs Trenthamfolk & I knew her as ‘Mel’s friend Mel’. I this that same Mel, I wondered? I’m not sure, but Mel likes her, and that’s good enough for me. The follow was made, the tweets were read, and this morning something caught my eye.

Janathon: Run every day of January and Blog about it.

So, what’s the deal? Simple really, I’m 34, and a bit fat. During 2011 I ran 6 10k’s and 2 half marathons with work friends and my awesome club, TrenthamRC. I achieved a few modest PB’s, and my running was going well… until I injured myself during the Birmingham Half Marathon. It was tough acknowledging that rest is an essential part of training and recovery, but I soon got used to the sitting about, and it was suddenly Christmas! How the hell did that happen? Now my injury has healed, I need to ease myself back in. Janathon 2012 was there, so here I am.

So, first run of 2012, and Janathon is under my belt (see it HERE at Runkeeper) A chilly 3.42 miles (5.5 KM) around Trentham and Hanford. A pace of 10 minute miles was the best I could summon from my flabby legs, but it felt good. There were lots of folk out, full of new-year cheer and saying saying ‘hi’, and some drunken Stokie telling my he was impressed by my speed. Thank you drunken man! And thank you to the Two Mel’s… Let’s see where January takes us…


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3 Responses to Janathon: Day 1 – The story of two Mel’s

  1. mumthatruns says:

    Well done on getting out for a run!

  2. northernmum says:

    I ran a marathon with Mel one, enjoy janathon x

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